When Midgaard Spray Foam Systems was commissioned to externally insulate a water reservoir west of Calgary, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, numerous concerns were posed. It’s not every day that a contracting firm is granted the right to work within a provincially protected reserve. In 1978 the area known today as Kananaskis Country was recognized as a provincial park.

Currently, nearly two thirds of this area is protected as a park, ecological reserve or recreational area. The general contractor looked to Midgaard Spray Foam Systems to ensure that the job be done right. We dotted a lot of “i”s and crossed a lot of “t”s. Not that there wasn’t a lot of benefits. The spray technicians encountered plenty of wildlife, from mountain goats to white tails. It was a typical pristine “bluebird” day.

It took Midgaard Spray Foam Systems two days to apply over 6700 sq ft of 2lb polyurethane foam insulation to the top and sides of the reservoir. Our technicians constructed a netting barrier around the perimeter of the tank to ensure no overspray affected the surrounding area. As a recognized member of the Canadian Green Building Council, Midgaards commitment to the environment is of utmost importance. The general contractor allowed for zero environmental impact on the region and Midgaard excelled.