Have you ever wondered how a camp for workers situated in the remote regions of the country deal with potable water, waste water and sewage within the camp? Neither did Midgaard Spray Foam Systems.

Until recently.

Midgaard received the bid to insulate custom fabricated C-Cans, used to house waste water treatment plants, with spray foam insulation. And not just any custom fabrication. These corrugated containers were constructed by welding typical cargo containers end to end creating an extra-long portable housing enclosure. Multiple doors were installed and the entire unit was placed on a rock skid.

The contract to insulate these mobile plants was honored and that’s where Midgaard Spray Foam Systems stepped in. We spray applied 2lb closed cell medium density foam to the interior walls and ceiling of the corrugated metal container creating a monolithic seal resulting in an extremely tight warm enclosure.

When dealing with the extreme colds of our Canadian winters, spray foam is the best insulation available today. And once again Midgaard has proved this fact.